Put This $16 Gadget in Your Bedroom for "Smooth, Glowing Skin" All Winter

Updated 04/25/19
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Winter is a notoriously challenging season for the skin—between the frigid temperatures and the dry air, conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and even extreme redness and flakiness tend to flourish. While a trip to your dermatologist may be in order, holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher Britt Martin of FitBrittNutrition swears by one "super-easy" bedroom tool: A humidifier.

"This is a simple way to help protect the skin from getting dry while you sleep at night, which can be exacerbated by heating systems," she writes on MindBodyGreen. "I also recommend avoiding long and hot showers. While tempting, especially during the colder months, consistently taking a hot shower can significantly dry out the skin. Instead, opt for a warm shower, and decrease the length of your showers to 10 minutes."

In addition to buying a humidifier, Martin makes sure to slather on ylang-ylang essential oil for balance, eat right by her gut, and load up on essential fatty acids like those found in salmon and avocados to keep her skin looking "clear, smooth, and glowing" during the winter.

"As a holistic nutritionist, I always try to be conscious of the products I am using on my skin, what foods I am welcoming into my diet, and what lifestyle choices I am making to help support vibrant and glowing skin," she explains. "The skin is our largest organ and often mirrors what is going on within the body."

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