Know a Woman Who's a Pioneering Voice in Her Field? Nominate Her Now

Updated 06/12/18

Womaneer (noun): a woman who defies societal norms with heroism and tenacity to become a pioneering voice in her field.

From the day MyDomaine launched, we have put a spotlight on women who are leaders in their field. All of these fearless females have something in common: vision, grit, persistence, grace, and drive to keep going despite the odds. So what does it take to be the first? From the numerous interviews we've conducted with successful disrupters (like Lauren Schulte, who's reevaluating 88 years of tampon industry), there seems to be a formula of key attributes, personality traits, and, yes, failures that pave the way for female pioneers, or as we like to call them, Womaneers.

womaneer—female pioneer

We're on a mission to create a movement, but we need your help to uncover the next wave of leading voices and, in the process, rewrite the history books for our time. So please nominate the Womaneer in your life who encompasses all the above by answering how she meets (and exceeds) the criteria in our Google form. You can also email us directly at

From here, we'll compile a short list, which we will present to our Womaneer selection committee. Once they decide on the winner, we will honor her by sharing her story on MyDomaine and inviting her to attend our inaugural Womaneer power lunch later in the year. We can't wait to read about them!

The time of the Womaneer is now.

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