Calling All Ambitious Women: We Created a Facebook Community Just for You

Updated 09/11/18

There's nothing quite like connecting with other ambitious women who are making a splash in their chosen industries. That's why we created our own Facebook community called Womaneers to make meeting and working with like-minded women easier.

At its core, this group is for women to talk about their careers. That means connecting with successful and driven people to share the wisdom and tools it takes to reach your goals. It's a chance to foster a unique community while helping yourself and others excel. Think of it as a virtual network of mentors. Ask questions, share advice, and support one another.

Occasionally, MyDomaine editors may drop in to share stories, inspiration, and extend the invite to exclusive events. We'll also reach out to tap users for their input on career-related topics for stories we're working on. 

To be sure the page remains a safe, sacred place for everyone to grow, here are a few ground rules: 

1. Keep it positive! Womaneers is a judgment-free space, and our community supports one another. We have a no-tolerance policy for negative comments or shaming of any kind, and repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

2. All questions, comments, and shares must relate to your business, career, or personal growth in some way.

3. No obtrusive soliciting of any kind. Community members are welcome to share info on their own ventures, but any solicitation that becomes obtrusive to the group members or discussion will be removed, and repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

Head over to the Womaneers Facebook group to join the conversation.

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