Why More Women Are Giving Birth Later in Life

If you’ve been longingly looking at your friend who just had a baby while your biological clock ticks away in the background, take a deep breath. Fortune is reporting that more and more women over the age of 40 are having children. While the number of women in the 40-to-55 age bracket who are giving birth is relatively small, it’s still on the rise, a new National Vital Statistics Report from the Centers for Disease Control confirms. And the wait for motherhood isn’t just an American thing. In the European Union, women are waiting until age 29 to have their first child. The reason more women are waiting to get pregnant? Career pressure—41% of females say that “having children after a woman is well-established in her career is the best strategy for reaching a top job.”

Giving birth later in life allows a female to reach her career goals, but there are challenges beyond fertility that older women have to face when pregnant. “Older moms are more likely to encounter certain complications in their pregnancies. Women may also have to contend with an undercurrent of judgment from people who think it’s inappropriate to have children in your 40s or who are skeptical their ability to balance the demands of a senior job with the demands of a newborn,” writes Jaclyn Trop. I think that a woman should be able to have a baby whenever she wants and society shouldn’t deem her too old if she’s over 40. Forty-one and pregnant? More power to you!

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What do you think about women having babies when they are over the age of 40?