10 Women in Their 60s on the Secret to Living Your Best Life

In today's youth-obsessed world, just walking out the door, flicking on the TV, or checking your Instagram feed can be a veritable minefield for your self-esteem. Even when you know deep down that you're scrolling through someone's highlight reel, it still impacts you IRL.

Thankfully, a slew of insanely stylish and savvy femmes in their 60s are breaking the mold with authenticity, honesty, and a zero–face-lift policy. These women are proud of their unconventional looks, disregard trends for personal style, eschew gender conformity for feminism, and exercise their sharp wits, all while they perfect the art of aging gracefully. Their punk-rock attitude is catching on, and luxury brands have taken notice, tapping women in their 60s, 70s, and even 90s for major campaigns over the latest It girl.

L'Oréal is at the forefront of the trend, selecting 65-year-old 1960s supermodel Twiggy as its UK ambassador for its Professionnel salon line. Elsewhere, French fashion house Céline signed 80-year-old literary icon Joan Didion for its spring 2015 campaign; folk darling Joni Mitchell, 71, is the face of Saint Laurent's music project campaign; fashion icon Iris Apfel, 93, starred in Alexis Bittar's spring/summer '15 campaign; and American Apparel scouted 62-year-old Jacky O'Shaughnessy on the streets of New York to appear in its lingerie ads.

But modeling isn't the only arena where these women shine. They're award-winning actresses, successful entrepreneurs, and best-selling authors. So we wanted to know their secrets to living happy, fulfilling, healthy lives without being thwarted by something as inconsequential as age. Their answers will enlighten.