From Baby Clothes to Shampoo, Women Pay More for Everything in Life

Do you ever feel like you spend more on clothes than your boyfriend? Not because you’re buying more clothes, but because women’s clothing costs more? Well turns out it does. Everything marketed toward the female consumer costs more than the same product marketed toward males.

Time is reporting on a new study from New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs called From Cradle to Cane: The Cost of Being a Female Consumer that tracked price discrepancies in identical products that were marketed to make and female shoppers. “After analyzing the prices of almost 800 products across 35 categories, researchers found women pay more for almost every product over the course of their lives, from baby clothes to home health care items.”

Women’s shirts cost 15 percent more than men’s shirts, women's shampoo products cost 48 percent more than men’s, and even personal urinals for female senior citizens are 21 percent more expensive than those marketed for men. While the report acknowledges that there are few laws to guard against gender-based price hikes, they are hoping for social media actions to raise awareness about the issue.

Who says your baby girl can’t wear blue? Save money by purchasing baby clothes that are meant for a boy and putting them on your little girl.

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