This Video Is for Freezing Working Women Everywhere

For working women, winter has arrived some six months ahead of schedule. A quick glance around your office will confirm that fact: Women, wearing seasonally appropriate sun dresses and skirts, drape themselves in blankets and cardigans to keep warm in the office AC. Meanwhile, men go about their business as usual in full suits. "Women's winter," as aptly named by a hilarious new video from College Humor, is "when spring turns to summer and there's blossom on the trees, the office air doth turns to ice and all the women freeze." Although the video itself is a parody, it's based on substantial anecdotal evidence and a very real study from 2015, which found that office temperatures are actually formulated for men.

Not only is the video painfully accurate, but it's also hilarious and well worth a Friday afternoon watch:



Does the winter chill arrive early in your office? Share your opinion on the matter below and shop our summer accent pieces to infuse warmth into your workspace.

Opening Image: Only Deco Love