3 Unintentionally Rude Words to Avoid at Work

Respect is everything in the workplace, and if your co-workers don’t think you’re sincere, you’ve got a major problem. According to a new article on Business Insider, many employees are using everyday words that make them appear rude without even realizing it. Some of the major offenders are “actually,” “sorry,” and “I.” Here’s the rundown on why these are no-nos in the office and what you should say instead:

1. "Actually." By using “actually” you seem to be implying that a colleague has done something wrong (for example “Actually, I have another idea on that topic.”). By simply switching the phrase to say something like "You make a good point, however…,” you’re being respectful while still getting your point across.
2. "Sorry." When it comes to apologizing for making a mistake, a brisk “sorry” isn’t going to cut it—and when it comes out via email or text, it seems insincere. The next time you need to make a mea culpa, reach for another phrase like “my apologies.”
3. "I." And finally, as you’ve heard many times, there’s no “I” in team. Make sure every conversation doesn’t come back to you, because the company does not revolve around your life. Switch out the personal pronoun for “the team” or “the group” and you’ll appear concerned about the needs of others as well (which we’re sure you are, anyway!).

Sip your coffee from a mug that showcases your love of teamwork. Do you know of any other unintentionally rude phrases?