The Shocking Thing That May Enhance Your Performance at Work

People take pills to solve all sorts of problems, from debilitating depression to simple headaches, so if there was a pill that could enhance productivity at work, there would be a market for it. Until recently, no such pill existed, but yesterday, Business Insider reported on a new study that says a drug called modafinil can help make normal people think better.

Modafinil is a cognitive enhancer that is normally used to treat sleep disorders, but researchers from the University of Oxford and Harvard Medical School have found that modafinil can improve decision making, planning, and flexible thinking. In some cases, it also showed gains in dealing with novelties and combining information. Modafinil is chemically different from Adderall, but the cognitive effects are similar.

Surprisingly, the findings displayed no negative effects or safety concerns. Some psychiatrists even think that taking a drug like modafinil to enhance work performance won’t have long-term side effects or cause addiction. Shocking, right? 

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Would you take a pill to be more productive at work?