Unexpected Ways to Be More Productive at Work

What if the key to productivity at work is actually working less? A recent Fortune article brings up some interesting facts about the modern workplace, and argues that working eight hours a day actually cuts down on productivity. According to the story, the average office worker is interrupted every three minutes, but it takes 23 minutes to fully return to a task after interruption. How crazy is that? The story also points to discoveries in neuroscience that prove the brain isn’t wired to concentrate intensely for eight straight hours. So how can we be the most productive at work? By being a little less productive!

Having too much information stalls productivity, and always responding immediately to an email or text will only decrease effectiveness. It’s recommended to only check and answer emails at a scheduled time every day. Try to keep your thoughts on the task at hand by practicing mindfulness. Create a workspace where you can go to complete certain functions. Get up and move around the office. Go on a walk during a break or visit a coworker in another section of your office. Take notes by hand instead of on the computer. Activities in the brain spike when you bring a pen and paper together. Use the cloud. You can reduce the amount of emails you send by updating projects and documents in the cloud. Be your true self. Being authentic is essential to productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction.

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