5 Stylish Mompreneurs Who Swapped "Having It All" for Happiness

Being a parent is fraught with self-doubt and sleep deprivation. It's the most challenging role in anyone's life, and no one can prepare us for the ride. There's no university or textbook that can teach you how to be a parent; it all relies on gut instinct, intuition, and learning on the job. Just ask first-time mom and digital influencer Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor, who told MyDomaine that having a baby is "possibly the hardest and most exhaustive thing" she's ever experienced.

However, speak to any parent and they'll tell you first-hand that the pros far outweigh the cons, and the real adversity is keeping their work/life balance on an even keel. But does this balance even exist? Is it really possible to "have it all" anyway? And what does that even mean? For these successful mompreneurs, having a fulfilling career makes them a better mother (and science says kids benefit from having a working mom too), but the pendulum never swings evenly between the personal and professional.

Ahead, these incredibly talented and passionate women share their own version of work/life balance and what it means to be a working mom (including the downsides).