7 Reasons Your Career Is Sabotaging Your Life

At this point, it’s been determined that work/life balance is a modern illusion. Even still, we certainly strive, albeit secretly, to achieve it. Blame the perfectionist in us, but the idea of striking a flawless balance between our careers and our private lives (aka friends, family, health, and hobbies) will forever be on our personal wish list. But there’s just one thing wrong with that utopian aspiration: It doesn’t exist. We all work far more than we should, and every minute we clock beyond regular office hours is slowly sabotaging our happiness. (Here’s how to leave work at 5 p.m., for reference.)

Even though we all know this, it doesn’t mean we always do something about it. With the average workweek exceeding 40 hours, the demands of our careers don’t always allow us to push back, but overtime is bad for our health. So how do we get a grip on our professional life so it doesn’t impact our personal one? We found a few sneaky (and very simple) errors you can fix before you burn out.