Behold: 4 Corporate Office–Approved Work Uniforms That Aren't Boring

What do you wear to feel confident and empowered at the office? The right outfit can make a world of a difference in how we carry ourselves when walking into a boardroom. A well-fitted blazer or comfortable pumps can help us stand a little straighter, walk with a decisive pace, and generally exude assertiveness. By the same token, the wrong outfit—a wrinkled shirt, an ill-fitting blazer, or uncomfortable shoes—can completely damper our confidence.

In that sense, having a few great power outfits on hand can make getting ready in the morning so much quicker and can keep us feeling put together throughout the day, leaving more time to focus on important decision-making. To help you find your ideal work uniform, we asked four successful women in finance, law, and STEM what outfits make them feel empowered in a corporate environment. Time to spring-clean your work wardrobe—these work uniforms of successful women will inspire you to start anew.

If your office is a little more relaxed, here's the business casual attire that successful women wear on repeat.