Children of Working Moms Are More Likely to Succeed

Let’s put our hands together and slow-clap for all the working moms out there! It’s an incredibly tough job to raise children and run a company, but a recent study proves that it’s worth the effort. A research project from the Harvard Business School, led by professor Kathleen McGinn, demonstrates that children who are raised by busy working mothers end up more likely to receive a higher salary, be a manager, and be a better homemaker. Men who have working moms are also quicker to participate in household chores and childcare. According to McGinn, “There are very few things that we know of that have such a clear effect on gender equality as being raised by a working mother.” Researchers looked at over 45,000 men and women in 2002 and 2012, and their findings help prove to many a working mom that they have no need to feel guilty. Working provides not only more economical stability for the mother—and family—but also emotional and professional support for everyone involved.

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