Does Working Out While Sick Help You Bounce Back Sooner?

The idea of working out while sick has been on my mind a lot lately. After a knee injury that left me nervous to exercise, I slowly dragged myself to the gym again starting this January. But every time I feel like I'm starting to get into a workout groove, I start to feel exhausted—like I'm getting one of the pesky sinus infections that slow me down and cause me to take a day or two off.

I always wonder—would exercising actually help me get better, or am I doing the right thing by self-prescribing a few gym days (or nights) off? (I mean, we often hear that exercise helps to keep immune issues at bay, so it could treat them, too.) But before I go on and on about my hunches, it's probably best to hear it straight from the experts. So go on—keep reading to find out whether working out while sick is beneficial.