How to Master a Kick-Butt Workout Playlist

Music is a powerful motivator to add some pep to your morning run or summon the will to go the literal extra mile. From meditative power ballads to the hardcore motivation of rock, assembling the perfect playlist is a fun exercise that will have you looking forward to your next training session. Grab your iTunes or Spotify login and get cracking with these helpful tips. 

Start slow. Stretching adequately and warming up before a strenuous work out is imperative. Start your mix with tunes to get you in gear that are toned down enough to keep you focused on checking in with your body and slowly warming up. 

Pace it out. Songs that build from chill to anthemic work well in the beginning of a playlist. For example, if interval training, alternate between upbeat fast tempo songs and slower, cool-down ballads. Structure your overall song list to your individual workout, syncing the order of tunes with the pace of the workout.

Tailor your focus. Consider the state of mind you aim to achieve. If looking to zone out on long runs, add an extended remix of a favorite pop song. The repetition and elongated format with keep you squarely in the groove for miles at a time. Easily bored? Mix it up with shorter format tracks from a wide variety of artists.

Push it. The perfect playlist is about getting motivation up and keeping it up. Stash a strategically placed up-tempo tune at the twenty minute mark to boost your energy into a second win. Plant a favorite anthem at the tail end of your mix to inspire that last extra push. 

What is your favorite workout anthem? Tell us in the comments below.