These Hotel Bars Are Totally Worth the Splurge (No Room Required!)

Social media is full of beautiful images of some of the most over-the-top, luxurious, and swanky hotels around the world—whose rooms often come at a hefty price. The gilded mirrors, crystal chandeliers, and marble staircases might make the perfect Instagram post, but the cost is often reflected in your hotel bill. Whether in Asia, Europe, or even right here in our own backyard, it’s oftentimes hard to justify breaking the bank for a single night in a super-luxe hotel, no matter how insane the amenities are. But for those on a more modest budget (or on a budget that equals less than oodles of cash for a night away), lust-worthy interiors and a well-heeled crowd can be enjoyed for the price of a drink. Forget checking in—the best way to experience the world’s most extravagant hotels is from the bar. We’ll toast to that.