Want to Be Healthier? Personal Trainers Say Stop Doing These 3 Things

Updated 10/23/17
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Considering their profession, it’s no surprise that personal trainers cringe at the mere sight of an incorrect push-up or a sugary snack masqueraded as a healthy alternative. But you'd be surprised to find out how many common health and fitness habits are mentally and physically detrimental in the eyes of health and wellness experts. Most recently, My Body+Soul spoke with six different personal trainers in an effort to uncover the common mistakes that most people are making, both at the gym and at home.

What follows is a list of the three most surprising health- and fitness-related mistakes, as told by personal trainers themselves:

Stop avoiding weight training

“This occurs with my female clients, who don’t want to get ‘bulky.’ Actually, weight training enables the body to burn calories more efficiently and at a higher rate due to increased muscular performance. In short, this means you’ll actually burn more calories—but faster.” — Tess Earl, F45 Double Bay, Sydney

Stop with inconsistent eating habits

“Some clients go from binge eating to starving themselves. This is terrible for your body. Instead, have a moderate, consistent approach to your nutrition and diet.” — Ben Lucas, owner of Flow Athletic and Flow After Dark

Stop with green juices

“People buy so-called healthy ‘green juices’ that pose as veggie juices but actually are full of fruit juice. The added fruit ropes us in and sometimes makes up the majority of the ‘veggie’ juice. With many brands, we are essentially drinking apple juice with a touch of some veggies and we think it’s good for us. Opt for veggie juices with either no fruit or opt for one which specifies how much. A little fruit with your veggie juice is okay but a little veg with your fruit juice—not so much!” — Tim Robards, founder of The Robards Method

Head over to My Body+Soul for the full list of health and fitness mistakes, and tell us what you’d add to our list in the comments below!

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