Design Pros Would Never Use These Paint Colors in Their Home

There are no "rules" to follow when it comes to designing your dream home. If an eclectic gallery wall speaks to you, go for it. If your style is purely minimalist, embrace simple designs and muted colors. And if you love bold, maximalist patterns and textures, more power to you. 

While there's no right or wrong way to decorate a home, there's also no harm in turning to a few experts to help narrow down some of your decisions. That's why we turned to a roster of interior designers to determine some of the worst interior paint colors. And in an effort to save you from the turmoil of sifting through endless swatches of paint samples, they're also sharing a few colors to consider using instead.

Ahead, discover eight paint colors that might be better left untouched and eight alternatives to help you create a stunning space that's still filled with color. Of course, these are only opinions, and if a neon, slime green wall is calling your name, we won't stand in your way.