10 Hilariously Terrible Interview Stories

Ah, the future-determining job interview… You’re both thrilled to have it and anxious about how it will go. If you’ve made it to round one or beyond, well done! The company you sought out is impressed enough by your brilliantly curated résumé that its higher-ups want to meet you.

After hours of sleuthing through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google, you might feel confident about your company. You might even have a few pithy, poignant questions to ask your interviewer. If you’re like us, you’ve definitely styled a flawless interview ensemble and maybe even gone for a test drive to the company’s office.

But despite the amount of prep you can do, there’s an indefinite number of variables (e.g., a personality clash, wardrobe malfunction, or misunderstanding) that can cause any interview to unravel into absolute disaster. Read on for some of our favorite—sometimes hilarious, other times painfully embarrassing—interview stories.