3 Popular Restaurant Meals That a Top Chef Would Never Order


When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck at a restaurant, it's safe to say that gourmet chefs could be considered the experts. To that end, Insider reached out to professional chefs to find out which dishes are either unsanitary, overpriced, or a combination of the two. According to James Briscione, director of culinary research at the Institute of Culinary Education, you should stay far away from the following three dishes when dining out:

1. The "fancy" burger. "There is no reason to ever pay $20+ for a hamburger," chef Briscione told the publication. "If chefs are piling expensive ingredients on top of a hamburger, it's just so they can steal your money. Good burgers are made from ground tough cuts of meat like chuck, brisket, or ribs. Grinding up expensive meat just to make a burger is a waste."

2. Well-done meat. "Chefs don't typically appreciate well-done orders unless there is a very specific reason for the request (elderly, pregnant, etc.)," he explains. "They typically reserve the least desirable cuts (thin, tougher pieces) to cook well done. In general, less attention is given to well-done orders."

3. Anything with "truffle oil." "Never order anything with truffle oil as a listed ingredient," he advises. "Chances are, the imitation truffle flavor will be offensively strong, and the 20 cents worth of truffle oil drizzled on your plate will result in a surge in menu price."

Head over to Insider for more from chef Briscione, and read up on what six chefs make when they need a quick and healthy meal next.

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