It's Official: This Is the Absolute Worst State for Dating

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Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images, Original Design by Stephanie DeAngelis

Blame it on where you live. A new study from Michigan State University found that North Dakota, New York, and Kansas were among some of the worst states for dating. Mississippi, Wisconsin, and California, on the other hand, were some of the best.

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The health and wellness world is getting on board with LSD micro-dosing as a way to treat anxiety and depression. While this psychedelic was outlawed back in the 1960s, scientists are now taking a second look at its potential uses. Read a firsthand account of micro-dosing here.

Good news: Unicorn hot chocolate is now a thing, thanks to California-based coffee and dessert parlor Crème & Sugar. Re-create this culinary masterpiece at home using white hot chocolate mix, pastel marshmallows, colorful sprinkles, and whipped cream.