This Is the Worst Time to Eat...

If you think back on the last couple of days, how many meals did you simply enjoy in solitude? I’m talking about a breakfast, lunch, or dinner where you didn’t read emails, watch television, or browse rugs on your iPad. Probably not too many meals, right? With an always on-the-go lifestyle, it’s hard to take time out of your day to eat, so it's okay to have a meal where you multitask every now and then. What you should not be doing? Eating while you walk. Prevention is reporting on a new study published in The Journal of Health Psychology that says eating while you walk is a bad idea.

“When you're walking, you're engaged in so many activities, like paying attention to where you're going and trying not to run into things," says Susan Albers, a clinical psychologist who specializes in mindful eating. "It's next to impossible to actually focus on what you're eating, which can keep you from processing how it's having an impact on your hunger.” Since walking is also a form of exercise, the study's researchers believe this will be justification for eating more later on. If you can avoid walking while eating, you'll be better off. The best way to eat is sitting down, free of distractions. Chew the food slowly, savor the flavors, and smile between bites. This will promote feel-good chemicals in the body and prevent you from bouts of emotional overeating.

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Do you often eat while walking?