Newlyweds Agree—Guests Who Give This Wedding Gift Are the Worst

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be challenging, regardless of whether you're best friends with the couple or are attending a distant relative's nuptials. And while there are a few go-to staples that most guests consider safe bets—think fancy glassware, a quality knife set, or a French oven—a new study reveals that a once popular registry gift is now a social faux pas. 

To coincide with the launch of Wayfair Registry, the home décor giant surveyed 1500 brides and grooms who tied the knot in the last year for their registry feedback. The study reveals that finding the perfect wedding gift requires understanding the type of present couples want. According to Wayfair, the two main categories are couples looking for basic home goods (cookware, dinnerware, etc.) and couples who already own home staples and are looking to upgrade (appliances, high-end products, etc.). 

Interestingly, regardless of their registry category, couples agreed that there are some gifts that no newlywed wants to receive. Think twice before you purchase ornate glassware—these are the three worst wedding gifts, according to brides and grooms:

  1. Crystal glassware: Couples identified traditional crystal glassware as one of the worst gifts to receive, signalling a shift in wedding trends. 
  2. As-Seen-on-TV products: A five-in-one appliance might look impressive on an infomercial, but newlyweds want quality items, not fad gifts. 
  3. Relationship books: No, they don't want tips to avoid divorce. Wipe that self-help book off your gift list.