The Must-See Window Displays of a Design Destination

Woven Accents 1 Woven Accents, a design destination for antique and vintage rugs, recently debuted the first exhibit in an on-going series of collaborative window installations. Partnering with designers and artists, the showroom is seeking to initiate a conversation on the relationship between art and design. The first installation, entitled Breaking Through, reflects on the struggle which sometimes comes with innovation and creation. Woven Accents 2 Breaking Through was brought to life by Heather Ashton Design and artists Jonas Bergkvist & Laura Hubacz. "We recognize that the path to creative innovation is not always smooth, well lit, or easily traveled, but it is from the struggles and stumbles that we take along the way that birth the most creative innovations," says Woven Accents. "Breaking Through brings this idea to life: the inner struggle of the artist, the innovator, the visionary CEO. For it is when we break through our fears, our doubts, our worries that we allow our imagination to wonder, grow, and create something that is worth sharing with the world." Woven Accents 3 Just the beginning, Woven Accents is seeking to continue this conversation throughout the duration of the series with rotating installations and collaborations along with rug designs inspired by the work of the artists. Stay tuned as "Woven Accents embarks on a courageous journey, to change the interaction and conversation between art and design. Using our window as our megaphone, our canvas, our eyes and our ears - we engage the community in conversation." Woven Accents 4 To see additional photos of Breaking Through and to check in on the future window installations in this series, head over to the Woven Accents Blog. Photographs: Courtesy of Woven Accents.