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Wovn Home Makes Custom Window Treatments Easy and Affordable

Wovn home founder Davina Ogilvie sits on an ottoman in her living room

Courtesy of Wovn Home

Designers have told us over and over again: custom window treatments can take your room from blah to sophisticated in as much time as it takes to install them. But if you ask us, the process has always seemed confusing, expensive, and out of reach. How exactly do you measure? Don't you need to hire an interior designer to guide you through the process?

Meet Wovn Home. This direct-to-consumer custom window treatment company simplifies the entire process of choosing drapes, Roman shades, or drapery rods by utilizing a smart questionnaire that guides the customer through the entire process. Launched by Davina Ogilvie in September of 2019, Wovn Home is a game changer in the custom window treatment business.

"Purchasing custom window treatments is often a confusing, long, and very expensive process," Ogilvie tells MyDomaine. "In creating Wovn Home, I wanted to break down the options, so customers could easily make the choices that go into designing the ideal window treatment. Through a few simple steps, our website easily guides customers through the selection of treatment style, fabric, lining, measurements and other details to create window treatments that suit their needs and aesthetic."

Whether you're looking to add Roman shades to your home for a touch of easy sophistication or you're looking to add a pop of color to your space through draperies, Ogilvie says the right window treatments "give a space the finishing touch" nothing else can.

"They soften the look of a room and tie it together, but functionally, they can be important as well - from a blackout shade for better sleep to privacy lined drapes that let in light while still providing privacy," she explains.

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How Wovn Home Works

white bedroom with blue drapes

Courtesy of Wovn Home

On the site, customers easily click through options to choose their preferred style, fabric, and lining as a handy graphic illustrates their choices on the left. Once they make their selections, the site explains how to measure your windows. Customers can expect to have their window treatments in roughly a month, and with prices averaging at a pair of custom drapes for $500 and a Roman shade for $350, these décor statements are within reach.

"On the fabrication side, we source our fabrics directly from premium textile mills in Belgium and design our patterns in house," Ogilvie explains. "All the production happens in North Carolina by our partners who have generations of experience and knowledge. By partnering directly with the suppliers and workrooms, we’re able to deliver designer-quality products at direct pricing to our clients in approximately four weeks."

The fabrics range from solid colors to beautiful patterns, all made from 100% linen and the designs are exclusive to the company.

"The patterns are all inspired by beauty found in everyday life, from literature to travel," Ogilvie says. "They each have their own story. For instance, the Jaipur pattern came to life after a trip to northern India where I was immediately drawn to the beautiful symmetry and calming repetition of block printed textiles."

The Inspiration Behind Wovn Home

Wovn Home Roman Shade

Courtesy of Wovn Home

Ogilvie remembers her family home in Bangkok as a major source of inspiration for her love of window treatments.

"Whether it was the formal silk drapes in our dining room where my mother hosted dinner parties late into the night, or the toile print in my parents’ bedroom that brought my father back to his New England roots, the window treatments were like art that tied these rooms together," Ogilvie explains.

When she moved to New York and began working in the fashion industry, she was looking for a set of Roman shades to help customize her apartment. When the only options she found were too expensive or had months-long lead times, she decided to DIY it. She made custom window treatments for herself and some friends over the years until she decided to go for it and create Wovn, "to provide an option for high-quality custom window treatments at prices that wouldn't break the bank."

She spent a year sourcing fabrics, meeting with partners, and working on the e-commerce site. She launched in September 2019, the same month she gave birth to her first child, and while also still working full-time at her corporate job.

"When I finally launched the website, I was tremendously thrilled and relieved, but also had a feeling of doubt where I thought, 'I’ve poured so much into being able to deliver a high quality product I’m so proud of, but will anyone discover the website and see it?'" she says.

Wovn Home Today

blue roman shade with organic pattern above desk

Courtesy of Wovn Home

Just months later, Wovn Home started to grow and Ogilvie was balancing childcare, her business, and her job.

"I remember giving an important presentation over Zoom for my job when I heard a huge shriek," she says. "My son had wedged himself backwards under the sofa and got stuck while I was deep in presentation mode. I immediately grabbed him from under the sofa and although he was fine, it was a scary moment where I also felt guilty and realized I couldn’t give my best to my corporate job, son, and Wovn Home all at the same time."

After that moment, she dedicated herself to Wovn Home full-time, and has seen the business grow exponentially after she made that decision.  

"There are so many ways to approach starting a business, and for me personally, I have tried to strike the balance of managing risk and going for the opportunity," Ogilvie explains. "I also think with any work, you get what you put into it, and since dedicating myself full-time to Wovn Home, the business has grown tenfold. It’s by far the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever worked on and getting to hear from happy clients always makes my day."