This Airline CEO Wants to Pay You to Travel

Updated 05/02/19

In what might be the best flight deal of all time, the CEO of Wow Air, Skúli Mogensen, has predicted that in the future, airlines will literally pay you to travel. Forget about flight hacks and flash sales, Mogensen told Business Insider that his disruptive airline plans to monetize flight so that taking a vacation is more affordable than ever: free.

For years, airlines have been working to expand their revenue streams and find ways to make money aside from ticket sales. A number of budget carriers have done this by offering base ticket rates, then charging fees for ancillary revenue such as baggage fees, seat selection, and onboard meals.

Eventually, Mogensen believes that the base ticket cost will almost be irrelevant as airlines rely more on add-ons. In theory, this could incentivize airlines to pay you to fly, in the hope that you'll spend more money onboard. "I can see a day when we pay you to fly … Our goal, and we're working hard towards it, is for our ancillary revenue to actually surpass our passenger revenue," he said. "What ever airline becomes the first to achieve this will be a game changer."

You could also be rewarded for sharing travel photos on Instagram. Mogensen hinted that the airline could one day pay passengers when social media posts generate business. "There are all kinds of interesting opportunities through using technology and social media," he said. "People tend to take a lot of photos while traveling, sharing their experiences. We see a lot of interesting ways to empower people to spread the word about Wow and to reward them accordingly."

Yes, if Wow Air has its way, you could literally make money by going on vacation. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

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