These Yellow Bedrooms Will Have You Waking Up Happy

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Design: Marij Hessel

We'll be the first to admit it—we're not exactly morning people. But after seeing these bright and sunny bedrooms, we're rethinking our stance. While conventional wisdom suggests painting your bedroom a muted blue to encourage restfulness and relaxation, we can't help think that maybe that approach is neglecting another (equally important!) element of the sleep cycle: waking up.

From ultra-saturated sunflower-inspired shades to warm and glowy golden hues, there's something about opening your eyes to a yellow bedroom that delivers a jolt of optimistic energy that can turn even the staunchest night owl into someone who rises with the sun. In fact, with the rise of saffron and ochre shades that have been popping up just about everywhere this year, we're predicting these hues are only going to be appearing more and more in the next few months—they're just so irresistible, we think we sense a major trend moment coming on. (Talk about a glow-up.)

Click through to see the most dazzling and expectation-defying yellow bedrooms that are giving us major inspo right now...and then head to your favorite paint store to get a glow on yourself.

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In A Good Light

A gallery wall looks even more museum-worthy against bright, super-saturated yellow walls—the perfect way to ensure you're always viewing your treasured art in the best light.

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Mural Moment

Been itching to try out the mural trend? Great news—bright shades of citrus yellow are the perfect complement to a whimsical wall motif. We love this freeform geometric style that incorporates other on-trend hues, too (we're looking at you, desert pinks).

Not sure if you want to splurge a wall mural? Don't sweat it - companies like Wayfair and West Elm offer peel-and-stick versions, so you can try out the trend without totally committing.

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Liner Notes

Um, we're absolutely smitten with this yellow-on-yellow chair rail color blocking. A deeper shade of ochre gets punched up by a fine line of pure mustard yellow...and we couldn't be more impressed with the high-impact, low-risk result.

polka dot bedding
Crate & Kids Organic Gold Polka Dot Bedding $129
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Rising Sun

Even if you're not a morning person, you'll enjoy waking up with the sun—i.e. a bright yellow orb painted behind the headboard—like in this glowy golden bedroom.

Joybird Yellow Bed
Joybird Korver Bed $1914
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Romantically Radical

With jewel tones, floral prints, and architectural trim, this room has all the *elements* of a traditional-style space...but its bold mix of jewel tones and tongue-in-cheek accessories lets the owner's rebellious personality really shine through.

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Pattern Overload

Who's afraid of a little pattern mixing? Not us. This eye-popping yellow and grey bedroom shows that there's no such thing as too much pattern when you're making the bed.

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Golden Years

Against a backdrop of variegated gold, a playful mural of well-dressed bunnies feels youthful but not overly childish, ensuring years of enjoyment for the little girl who lives here.

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Mellow & Minimal

Sometimes less is more when it comes to yellow. A graphic quilt lends a well-traveled look to this cozy retreat, accented by austere, Scandi-inspired surroundings.

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Dripping In Jewel Tones

The perfect mix for those days when you just can't decide between jewel tones. Bright sapphire, amethyst and gold mix together to create an ultra-opulent effect that checks every box in our book.

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The Gold Standard

Is it just us, or is mustard-hued velvet the most luxurious-looking fabric on the planet? A mix of textiles in similarly saffron-y shades creates a pop of contrast against busy blue wallpaper.

Yellow velvet headboard
Opalhouse Zinnia Arched Headboard $398
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Warm & Earthy

The secret to making any space look modern? Unexpected color combinations. Warm rust tones lend an earthy element to this bedroom, drawing out the umber tones of a Japanese-inspired floral fabric from iconic design house Schumacher.

floral print fabric
Schumacher Kintsugi Fabric $143
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Golden Mantel

That fireside glow? It's not just coming from the embers. Painting a fireplace in a muted shade of yellow offers a playful element in this otherwise neutral room—and we're taking notes.

yellow pompom throw
Chairish Vintage Pompom Throw $200
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Artistic Edge

Definitely NOT for the faint of heart, this ultra-artistic space pairs a paper cutting inspired print bedspread with a half-wall painted to match—a study in color and form, if we ever saw one.

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Break The Fourth Wall

Tip for the commitment-phobic (and budget-conscious)—when using an especially eye-popping wallpaper print, try tackling just one wall. Not only does it make things easier if you change your mind (and doubly so, if the wallpaper is removable, like this one from Society6), but it's a great way to keep the print from becoming overwhelming, especially in small spaces.

yellow circle wallpaper
Society6 The Old Art Studio Mid Century Modern Geometric 04 $99
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Moroccan Medley

Just when we thought the Moroccan-inspired decor moment had passed, this incredible Riad shows up in our feeds to keep the trend going. We're obsessed with the warmth and depth that comes through when an uneven, washed coat of golden-hued paint—It's an easy way to add tons of texture to a space, allowing you to keep the rest of the room simple. Plus it just seems extra regal, in our not-so-humble opinion.

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Lemony Linen

It's no secret that we're fans of the slightly mussed linen bedding look, but why have we never considered trading the traditional off-white or grey for bold primary yellow until now?! This look is pure mood-lifting energy, especially against the neutral backdrop of muted millennial pinks and earth tones.

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Old-School Ochre

For those of you still living the #MCM life, did we mention how well this on-trend shade of ochre pairs with sleek throwback designs? Understated wood tones, mod lamps, and all our favorite midcentury signifiers look great with a bit of golden yellow thrown in.

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