20 Sunny Yellow Dining Room Ideas That Work All Year

yellow dining room curtains

kristina's collective interiors / photography by laura steffan

Too often, dining rooms are seen as stuffy and outdated relics of homes past. But dining rooms can be so much more than that. They can become the perfect spot for lingering, late-night dinner parties, weekend brunches, and they can occasionally double as a last-minute home office too.

Even more, dining rooms can also show off your style, and they don't have to be boring either. Dining rooms can be any style and any color—including yellow. Yellow dining rooms are a great way to bring bold color into your home. Keep reading to check out 20 of our favorite yellow dining room picks.

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Use Yellow With Another Color

yellow dining room with another color

erin williamson design

There's no doubt that yellow is a bold color choice for almost any space. But just because a color is risky, it doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it. To bring down the look of yellow, use another color in your dining room like gray or brown.

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Don't Forget Paint

yellow dining room paint

home made by carmona

A brightly-painted yellow wall brings color into the dining room like nothing else. And it doesn't need to be a smooth or plain wall either—you can paint over paneling too, just like Home Made by Carmona did in her space. Pair the wall with a bold contrasting color, like black or deep navy, for a stunning look.

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Try Yellow Furniture

yellow dining room furniture

Casa Watkins Living

Another way to celebrate yellow in a dining room is by adding yellow furniture—but not only tables. Yellow sideboards or hutches can add the perfect pop of color too, just like they did in this dining room from Casa Watkins Living.

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Add Pillows

yellow dining room pillows

forbes + masters

Throw pillows can make a stiff dining room chair all the more pleasurable to sit in. And if that throw pillow is yellow? Now you've added some cheery and bright color to your space too. Look for small, durable yellow pillows for the best look and function.

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Use Muted Yellow

muted yellow dining room

herzen stimme

Yellow doesn't have to be bright and bold. Instead, it can also be cozy and muted, like the yellow-cream tones in Herzen Stimme's dining room. If you still want a bit of bright color, add a bright yellow accent alongside the more muted yellow furniture.

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Don't Forget Décor

yellow dining room decor

dazey den

Yellow can be used in the dining room in unexpected ways, like light fixtures, flooring, or even plates. You don't need to spend big bucks (or undergo big projects) to add sunny yellow to your space.

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Use Different Shades of Yellow

yellow dining room different shades

Dulux Australia / Stylists: Bree Leech & Heather Nette King. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

Ready to make your dining room really stand out? Add multiple shades and hues of yellow for a bright, bold, and yellow-centric room.

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Add an Accent Wall

yellow dining room accent wall

dazey den

Accent walls of any color are a classic way to add a unique look to your dining room, and yellow is no different. Pick a cooler yellow to pair alongside blues and greens, or a warmer one to use with reds and oranges.

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Look for Vintage Touches

yellow dining room vintage

the hoosier maker

Struggling to find yellow pieces for dining room? You may be looking in the wrong places. Instead of buying new, buy vintage. Vintage or antique stores may be more likely to have yellow dining room furniture, as the sunny hue was a popular color choice in the mid-century.

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Make It Elegant

elegant yellow dining room

dunbar road design / photography by costa christ

Think yellow is just for kids? Think again. Yellow can look just as at home in elegant dining rooms as it does in a children's classroom. The dining room above from Dunbar Road Design, demonstrates this perfectly, with its cheery upholstered chairs, stunning chandelier, and a bowl of hydrangeas to tie the whole space together.

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Add Plants

yellow dining room houseplants

hannah r textiles

Few things make better décor in yellow dining rooms like houseplants. Lush pops of green make the yellow stand out all the more, and add a feeling of vibrancy to your dining room.

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Bring in Sunflowers

yellow dining room sunflowers

rikki snyder

One of the best ways to add color to dining rooms is through flowers. And one of the best ways to add yellow to a dining room is with the classic sunflower. This bright and laid-back bloom adds a burst of yellow and plenty of charm to any table.

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Add Double Yellow

double yellow dining room

rikki snyder

If you're looking to bring yellow into the dining with décor, consider using at least two yellow items. The doubled-up color will make the bright hue look purposeful, rather than a last-minute addition.

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Try a Few Chairs

yellow dining room chairs

cathie hong interiors

Dining room chairs are (obviously) a crucial part of any dining room. And with all the options for style, color, and texture, they're a wonderful way to bring your unique style into your space. To bring in some yellow, look for some funky yellow dining room chairs, like the ones above in the space by Cathie Hong Interiors.

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Add Texture

yellow dining room texture

devon grace interiors

Having fun with color doesn't mean you can't have fun with texture too. Look for dining room chairs in fun textures, like bouclé or velvet, to amp up your dining room's style and visual appeal.

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Hang Curtains

yellow dining room curtains

kristina's collective interiors / photography by laura steffan

Lucky enough to have a dining room that's awash in natural light? You'll probably need a few curtains too. Add in some yellow ones for a fresh dose of color.

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Bring in Brass

brass and gold yellow dining room

devon grace interiors

Yellow in the dining room doesn't have to be in the form of paint—consider adding brass or gold to bring in yellow too. These luxe metals can bring a touch of moodiness to your dining room, and add a whole new perspective to the emotion association of yellow.

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Hang a Map

yellow dining room antique map

emily henderson design

To add a little character, a whole lot of geography, and plenty of yellow to your dining room, hang an antique map. Not only is it a great conversation starter, but an antique map also adds character and a sense of history to your dining room.

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Install Abstract Art

yellow dining room abstract art

emily henderson design

When looking for yellow art to add to your dining room, don't forget that you can go abstract too. A simple yellow color wash print can add plenty of cheerful color to your dining room, and some modern style too.

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Use Multiple Colors

yellow dining room multiple colors

jla designs

Another way to use yellow in your dining room chair choices is by bringing in chairs in multiple colors, like white, beige, or orange. The chairs can be arranged side by side with their like colors, or interspersed between the other colors too. It's an easy way to create a color palette look.