These Are the Best Yellow Paint Colors (According to Trend Reports)

Updated 06/25/18
Yellow Paint Colors
Veronica Rodriguez

Pulling the trigger on a paint color is never easy—even when picking white shades—so imagine the agony that comes with picking a bright paint color like yellow. That said, we've seen enough bright yellow kitchens in our days to know that, if executed correctly, it's a fabulous paint color that brings happiness and sunshine into your home like no other.

In order to better understand which are the best yellow paint colors to pick for your space, we turned to eight major paint companies' trend reports and recommendations for 2018.

Try yellow hues that are darker and warmer.

Think of mustard, marigold, or golden wheat fields in the summer sunshine. Convinced you need a dose of yellow in your life? We rounded up the hottest yellow paint colors found in this year's trend reports—from dark to light.

Benjamn Moore Golden Retriever $37

Golden Retriever was the only yellow paint color in Benjamin Moore's 2018 paint forecast—and it's the darkest of all. It almost has more of a golden brown hue.

Behr Marquee Life Is Good Semi-Gloss Enamel Interior Paint $46

Behr also had a darker marigold shade in their trend report this year, which was paired next to a light eraser pink and a soft, almost white greige.

Dutch Boy Autumn Hue $29

Dutch Boy Paints had a nearly identical dark warm yellow paint in the lively Merge palette of their trend report, telling us that marigold is definitely a hot ticket in paint colors this year.

PPG Paints Brass Mesh $25

PPG Paint's Brass Mesh, found in its trend report's Dream Weaver color palette, was a slightly lighter hue, which the brand paired with a gray lilac.

Farrow & Ball Babouche $99

Farrow & Ball's Babouche was featured in its Spring & Summer 2018 catalog—one of the more vibrant yellow hues we've seen this year.

Sherwin-Williams Forsythia $24

We found Forsynthia in Sherwin-Williams's 2019 color predictions, which tells us that paint color trends are going to veer toward brighter hues next year.

Sherwin-Williams Honey Bees $24

This year, Honey Bees, one of the brighter yellow hues Sherwin-Williams had in its trend report, was a little more subdued. 

Portola Paints Yellow Queen $10

While Portola Paints has released a trend report this year, its designer palette features Yellow Queen, a sunny light hue that was handpicked by interior designer Peter Dunham.

Kilz Walnut Cream $4

Similarly, Kilz doesn't release a trend report. However, the brand does point out on its website that Walnut Cream is its best-selling yellow paint color. A safe bet if you're looking for a lighter hue.

Next up: Interior designers call these the best paint colors.

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