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Jeremiah Brent Says These Design Trends Will Be Huge in 2022

2022 home trends from Yelp.

Courtesy of Yelp, Graphic: MyDomaine

If your home became a dedicated office, restaurant, or even a personal movie theater over the past two years, you are certainly not alone. The emphasis on multipurpose spaces in the home was greater than ever, and our four walls had to fulfill many different functions. But as we reemerge into the world, we're returning to designing our home for the love and joy of decorating—and hopefully breaking out of the "cloffice" for good.

There are some clear differences between trend predictions from 2021 to 2022 as our homes continue to fluctuate in function, and the team at Yelp dove into the statistics to predict next year's hot commodities in design. Search volume for decorative details such as drapery, backsplashes, and wallpapering increased 64%, 37%, and 167% respectively, showing homeowners' desires to craft beautiful spaces once again.

Homes in 2021 needed to be functional for the whole family while spending prolonged time together at home, but for 2022, lauded interior designer Jeremiah Brent says there will be a strong return to daring design and heightened aesthetics in the home.

"I think the main difference between the two years is that personalization has become the ultimate luxury," Brent shares. "Last year was all about functionality and the re-imagination of space while this year is going to be about truly making a space yours. There’s a trickle-down effect happening right now in design that’s creating the freedom to curate spaces that authentically tell your story."

Meet the Expert

Jeremiah Brent is a widely respected interior designer whose work has been featured in publications such as Architectural Digest and Harper’s Bazaar. He was the host of Emmy Award-winning show, Home Made Simple for two seasons on OWN.

Brent is already embracing these trends, especially the thoughtful quietness of Japandi design.

"I really gravitate towards Japandi design, especially in our home in Montauk," Brent says. "The introduction of raw materials that are more organic in shape and silhouette layered with our collection of french antiques perfectly accent each other in such a bright and open space."

Jeremiah Brent headshot.

Photo: Yelp; Graphic: MyDomaine

Though it's great to embrace trends in your home, Brent suggests exercising caution with the amount you introduce into your home.

"Trends are a great conversation starter and an opportunity for you to look at things differently, but if you don’t love dusty blue, you don’t have to repaint an entire room," he explains. "Trends shouldn’t be a design directive—they’re simply an opportunity to see your space with a new lens."

Trends shouldn’t be a design directive—they’re simply an opportunity to see your space with a new lens.

Here are the trends Brent has his eye on for 2022 with suggestions for how to incorporate them organically into your home.

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Midcentury Modern and Cane Furniture

Mid century inspired room with cane accent chair.


We are huge fans of midcentury style here on MyDomaine, from mod living rooms to sleek sleeping spaces, and we're delighted to announce that the style is about to have a major moment in 2022. A hallmark of the style is cane furniture, and Brent lists this as a trend he has his eye on.

"The beauty of cane is that it’s rich in texture yet neutral in color," Brent explains. "There is much flexibility with its application, both historically and currently, marking it as a material that can transcend any design aesthetic. It can be contemporary, it can be traditional, it can be shabby-chic, it can be midcentury—there aren’t many materials that have that kind of versatility."

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Japandi Style

Japandi style bedroom with neutral bedspread.


Head right to the intersection of Scandinavian and Japanese-inspired design, and you'll find yourself arriving at Japandi—a sleek and chic design style that saw a huge uptick in search on Yelp this past year.

"Yelp saw searches for Japandi design increase 27%," Brent notes. "I believe rooms should have space and fluidity, and Japandi design is all about that awareness. It’s a celebration of simplicity, having something really beautiful for your eyes to land on, and an effortless way to introduce raw, reclaimed, and salvaged materials."

You don't have to completely re-do your space to get a new look, according to Brent. To incorporate Japandi style into your space, start small with a textural side table or vase.

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"Lagom" as the New Hygge

Minimalist dining room with high ceiling and modern black chandelier

Pure Collected Living

We loved adopting the Swedish decorating philosophy, hygge, as a way to cozy up our homes, but there's a new style coming to compete. Lagom—which translates to “moderate”—is similar in principle to minimalism, valuing less as more. But, lagom is all about utilizing what you already have and creating more with it.

"Lagom is all about the art of ‘not too much and not too little,’ and Yelp saw searches using the term increase by 33% in just two months," Brent shares. "I believe that your home should honor the past, acknowledge the present, and leave room for the future. A good room is never truly complete."

I believe that your home should honor the past, acknowledge the present, and leave room for the future. A good room is never truly complete.

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Emphasis on Artistry and Shopping Local

Artistan made block coffee table.


"I myself was a local artisan at one time, and I think there’s something incredibly meaningful about incorporating handmade and one-of-a-kind items in design," Brent shares. "There’s such exciting accessibility now that creates even more opportunity for artists to establish themselves and share the beautiful things they’ve crafted."

We love shopping small for home décor, as it supports those who are passionate about their craft, whether it be candlemaking, woodworking, or personalization. Supporting and shopping local artisans or small businesses ensures that artistry stays alive and guarantees a personalized piece for your home you wouldn't have scored otherwise.

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Dusty Blue

Dusty blue wall with texture.


Muted hues are becoming the new neutrals, from sage green to hushed pinks to this shade of dusty blue. Brent is loving this shade for a textural addition to a space.

"I’m not one that naturally gravitates towards color, but I’ve recently been incorporating certain hues of blue into my designs to canvas a space," Brent says.
"Muted and textural applications of blue are certainly having a moment. Whether it’s adding an accent wall, drapery or decorative pillows—look to dusty blues in 2022 for a timeless moment of color."

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Bold and Bright Wallpaper

Bright wallpaper bring of different city buildings.

Courtesy of Yelp

Talk about a trend that's gaining traction—Yelp saw searches for "wallpapering" increase 167% in the past year. Wallpaper is a way to instantly refresh a space, making it personalized and visually intriguing. If going bold isn't your style, try a neutral, textured wallpaper in small doses, like in a powder room or accent wall in a bedroom.