Do This 15-Move Yoga Flow Before Bed for the "Best Night's Sleep of Your Life"

Updated 11/03/17

Nothing de-stresses the mind and body quite like yoga—and one wellness editor's 15-move flow is a perfect example. "The one thing I do every single night before bed, no matter how many drinks I've had, where I am, or how exhausted I feel: I do yoga," writes Lindsay Kellner on Mindbodygreen. "Most nights it's 15 slow, easy minutes give or take a few."

She aims to stretch out her hips, psoas, and spine, all of which are "connected to the central nervous system," she explains. "By moving energy through these large muscle groups, you can calm your nervous system, re-enter your body, and set up for a good slumber." Here's the 15-move sequence she swears by for a blissful night's sleep:

  1. Cat and cow
  2. Stirring pot
  3. Down dog
  4. Crescent lunge (right side)
  5. Low-lunge circles
  6. Pyramid pose (right side)
  7. Crescent lunge (left side)
  8. Low-lunge circles
  9. Pyramid pose (left side)
  10. Gomukhasana legs on both sides
  11. Windshield wipers
  12. Supine spinal twist (right)
  13. Supine spinal twist (left)
  14. Constructive rest OR legs up the wall

Head over to Mindbodygreen for more on Kellner's wind-down routine, and share your favorite relaxation ritual in the comments.

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