If You Struggle With Anxiety, Try These 8 Restorative Yoga Poses

According to Fern Olivia, founder of Thyroid Yoga, which offers retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica, “Rituals are habits made holy.” She spoke with MyDomaine about types of yoga for relaxation, specifically about the power of restorative yoga. She has generously shared with us a beginner’s flow (below) with effects that will resonate with everyone. These restorative yoga rituals are easy and free and require only your mindful awareness—a relief, given what people have to worry about these days, e.g., the kids, the dog, the business, and other various other moving parts of our very intricate lives.

With patient breathing, energy healing, aromatherapy, and sound healing, you will find yourself able to relax, reset, and recenter. Long holds in poses, deep stretches, and yoga props help unwind the body and identify where you may hold on to trauma. As you hold restorative yoga poses, you activate the parasympathetic nervous system, invoking your innate healing energies so that you are able to avoid distress or disease and achieve states of deep relaxation and healing by yourself.

DeLora Frederickson described it best: “The parasympathetic nervous system is the sweet sister of the sympathetic nervous system… This is the path to deep rejuvenation for the body, mind, and soul. Relaxation is the yin to our fitness efforts’ yang.”

Once you set your intentions on relaxing your physical and energetic body, Olivia recommends you apply organic essential oils that will ignite plant medicine as your ally. Essential oils react quickly and efficiently when we apply them. They are so powerful that they can impact our mood, emotions, and thoughts. In addition to her many other endeavors, Olivia creates her own line of organic essential oils, Ajai Alchemy, with Radiance Alchemy for hormone balancing and Grace Alchemy, an aphrodisiac with calming and anti-anxiety effects. Put together with other elements, restorative yoga can create bliss.

For this sequence, you’ll also need two to four yoga blocks, a blanket, and a yoga bolster.

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