If You Struggle to Sleep Through the Night, Try These 6 Yoga Poses Before Bed

It's Sunday night and you can't seem to stop thinking about the workweek ahead, your neverending to-do list, and that embarrassing thing you said last week (sound familiar?). According to Miami-based yoga instructor Amy Dannheim of Tropical Vinyasa, an overactive mind is often the cause of sleepless nights. A natural solution to tossing and turning, a relaxing yoga flow can unwind both the body and the mind before bed.

A more introspective and relaxing practice can quiet the body and mind down, helping you to move toward a smooth transition into sleep," Dannheim explains. She suggests trying forward folding poses, gentle twists, and belly-down positions to use yoga for sleep and signal the body that it's time for bed. By stretching out the muscles and calming the mind before bed, you'll be primed to fall asleep quickly and maintain a deep sleep throughout the night. Add Dannheim's easy yoga sequence to your nighttime routine for your best night's sleep yet.