11 Yoga Poses That Will Seriously Strengthen Your Core

Sit-ups and crunches have long been the norm when it comes to strengthening the abdominal muscles, but there are alternatives to these oft-begrudged exercises. One such alternative is yoga, the unsung hero of core-strengthening exercises. According to Miami-based yoga instructor Rosario Chozas, having a good posture that is able to hold up your body in a comfortable meditative pose is at the root of traditional yoga. "To develop a good posture means you have to develop a good core (front and back) and that is what OG yoga was designed to do," she explains.

Additionally, because crunches and sit-ups are often done incorrectly, the core work you do when practicing yoga can end up being far more effective. It's all about alignment, Chozas tells MyDomaine. "The abdominal work that you exercise in yoga is more centered around a total body pose, the alignment of that makes it more complete but also safer," she says. If you're ready to start using yoga for the core, try out this sequence from Chozas specifically designed to work your abs from front to back.