What Is a Yoga Wheel, and Why Is Everyone Obsessed With It?

Yoga can be intimidating enough for newcomers, but toss in some unfamiliar props and tools, and it's enough to make you retreat back to the treadmill for your usual workout. A quick Instagram search of the yoga wheel, for example, will lead you down a rabbit hole of images of yogis in particularly daunting poses—anything from deep backbends to impressive balancing poses. However, these props are nothing to fear. They're actually meant to make yoga easier and more doable, even for beginners. "Tools are simple to use and effective for modifying poses, stretching, adjusting, healing, and relaxation," says Kirsty Dunne, celebrity fitness expert

No stranger to the yoga wheel, Dunne says, "It delivers benefits for those that want to push their asana and take it to the next level or modify specific poses allowing your body a gradual safe stretch through the pose with support." The prop is exactly what it sounds like—a wheel usually around 13 inches tall and five inches wide designed to improve flexibility and balance. Curious how you can use this tool in your own practice? Dunne demonstrates how to easily modify a few common yoga poses with the tool and how it benefits your body in each posture.