Yoko Ono Makes Human Peace Sign for John Lennon + El Niño Is Coming

  • Yoko Ono made a massive human peace sign for John Lennon's 75th birthday. Ono attempted to break a world record for the world's biggest human peace sign, by gathering 6000 people in New York’s Central Park. Unfortunately, only 2000 people turned up, but while she may not have broken the record, it still reminds everyone today of the importance of peace, love, and happiness. Happy birthday, John. — Spin
  • If you're on the East Coast, then be sure to look up tonight between 7 and 9 p.m. for a colorful NASA experiment. The space team is launching a test using new tech that will release "colorful vapor tracers 130 miles above the Earth." A sounding rocket will be launched from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia and eject the vapors into the atmosphere. NASA said it has been doing this since the 1950s and uses the colorful trails to understand the “the naturally occurring flows of ionized and neutral particles.” — Gizmodo
  • The new Microsoft Surface Book will change the PC game forever. The new 13.5-inch laptop features a detachable display so it can turn into a thick tablet; then if you reattach it face up, it transforms into "draw mode," offering stylus-based sketches and similar applications. The hybrid laptop combines hardware, software, and services and costs $1500, but despite the high-end price, Surface Book looks set to transform the PC business altogether. — Wired
  • El Niño is set to intensify in the coming months with the "worst yet to come," according to CSIRO, Australia’s national research agency in Melbourne. California, which is dealing with the worst wildfire season in the state’s history, could experience major flooding as El Niño develops. Experts are warning this could be the strongest El Niño since 1998’s, which led to an estimated 20,000 deaths and caused almost $100 billion in damage. El Niño is expected to intensify over the coming months and peak around February 2016. — New Scientist
  • It was nightmare on Yuntai Mountain in China as a 3500-foot-high glass walkway cracked under pedestrians. The glass-bottom walkway is 1300 feet long and is built above a canyon along Yuntai Mountain Scenic Park in Henan Province, China. According to a statement from Yuntai Mountain Tourism Administration, the breakage was caused by a sharp object falling on the glass. Thankfully the bridge has three planes of tempered glass and only the top was cracked, which doesn't affect safety. But who's taking chances? — USA Today
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