You Know You Want This:
Red Sofa

On the decorating degree-of-difficulty scale, incorporating a red couch can seem like it's at the trickier end of the spectrum--circa retiling your bathroom and making that hula girl lamp wedding present happen. But assuming you're comfortable with a statement sofa (and your walls aren't already painted a stop sign hue) there's no reason you can't welcome Viell + Frances' fire engine-shaded leather chesterfield or Thrive's retro-inspired Nixon Sofa in Klein Atomic as the newest member of your furniture family. To ease the transition: try incorporating artwork with touches of red to ease the shock value, or stick to a tight contrasting color scheme to facilitate an accent moment. Then choose upholstery that complements your aesthetic--velvet for faded glamour, distressed leather for vintage boho, or boucle for midcentury enthusiasts.



Photographs Courtesy: 1. Neuvo Estilo 2. The Libaray 3. Emerson et Cie 4. House to Home 5. HomeDsgn 6. Michael Eastman 7. Mr. Perswall 8. William T. Georgis 9. Blue Bird Vintage 10. The Peak of Chic