15 Tell-Tale Signs You're Decorating Obsessed

We know that we're décor junkies -- that's why we work here. But you, you on the other hand, maybe you haven't quite owned up to your total decorating obsession. If you have, a big hats-off to you; it's all uphill from here. If you want to verify how deep your passion for interior design runs, read through this little checklist. We're all in this together.


Your shelter magazine collection gets you cast on an episode of Hoarders.

You practice safety first -- even for tulips.

Another man's trash is your treasure.

You lift weights Restoration Hardware catalogs to get in shape.

You spend $200 on a piggy bank -- oh, the irony.

Your baby stroller doubles as shopping cart for your flea market finds. Your cookie "jar" is an Hermès tray. You retrofit an end table into a dog bed. You nearly get arrested for house stalking.

You consider stealing the Goyard trunk in front of you at a cocktail party. You set a barbecue dinner table for six dudes like this. Your shoe selfies are all about the rug.

Your floor lamp is a ladder. You rearrange your coffee table accessories weekly.

Your gallery wall #cantstopwontstop.

How many of these items did you nod your head to? Nine out of 15? 12? Tell us in the comments!