You Need This: Safe House USA

Who knew that what was missing from our bedroom was a duvet inspired by our junior high comp book? Apparently Brooklyn-based interior designer and writer Keehnan Konyah did, as his inaugural black-and-white bedding collection takes cues from such seemingly innocuous bits of design as the aforementioned academic classic, as well as New York streetwear, and the influential work of industry talents including Kelly Wearstler and 1960s avant garde architectural collective Superstudio. "I wanted to launch Safe House with bold, graphic, simple and monochromatic prints," says Konyha. "Designs that had the ability to stand alone and work together in a way that made sense." The resulting group of throw pillows and duvet sets are printed in wildly dynamic yet utterly minimal styles ranging from a swirled marble pattern to a confetti-styled punctuation motif. But Konyha's not stopping there. The designer, whose work has appeared in publications including The New York Times and Apartamento, is set to expand into other housewares for his next collection, SS14 (which will be released in February to coincide with Fashion Week). We're told the collection will include lined curtain panels, shower curtains, and dinnerware--here's hoping there's something chic and Pee Chee Folder inspired in the mix. header
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"Comp" Print Throw Pillow, $35 Reverse "Comp" Print Throw Pillow, $35 White Marble Throw Pillow, $35
dh-safe-house-market-01 dh-safe-house-market-06 dh-safe-house-market-05
Reverse "Arthur" Print Throw Pillow, $35 Black Marble Throw Pillow, $35 Black "Arthur" Print Throw Pillow, $35
dh-safe-house-market-07 dh-safe-house-market-08 dh-safe-house-market-09
"Period Piece" Duvet Set, From $350 Reverse "Arthur" Print Duvet Set, From $350 Reverse "Comp" Print Duvet Set, From $350
dh-safe-house-market-12 dh-safe-house-market-11 dh-safe-house-market-10
Black Marble Duvet Set, From $350 Black "Arthur" Print Duvet Set, From $350 White Marble Duvet Set, From $350