You Want It, We Found It:
Conical Cloche

We always give the bad news first: The conical cloche that appears in our tour of celebrity hair stylist Mara Roszak's Silver Lake home is not available online from Lawson Fenning--the LA store where Roszak and her husband, fellow stylist Alex Polillo purchased theirs. But given the influx of inquiries we've received about that glass wonder--one of you said you were smitten with its "enchanting science lab mystique"--we knew we couldn't leave you hanging. So we hunted down the next best thing, which, given the reasonable price tag, may just qualify as better? Cost Plus World Market's Conical Cloche pairs the antique glass shape with a rustic wood base, and even comes in various sizes to cater to every one of your fruit and baked good display desires.  
 Conical Cloche, from $20, World Market
  Photograph: Andrew Arthur