You Won't Believe It's From Etsy

Call us designist: we've been guilty of assuming something's from Etsy before, and we're usually right. Hand-painted floral notecards? Etsy. Whimsical graphite narwhale sketch? Etsy. Stamp with your face on it? You get the gist. But as devotees will know, the site has expanded beyond its "loving hands at home" rep, and become a go-to for well-priced, one-of-a-kind designer finds--the sort that elicit admiring queries of the "Isn't that Commune?" variety? It was with that jealousy-inducing goal in mind that we sourced the room-elevating picks below--because a home is not a home unless it has a resin elephant bust. domaine-etsy-banners-01
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-05-01 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-05-03 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-05-02
LIVING EDGE TABLE: designed with a grain-matched "waterfall effect" in North Carolina; $1950, brandMOJOinteriors domaine-etsy-banners-02
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-02-01 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-02-02 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-02-03
HANDMADE TABLE LAMP: made from polypropylene and choice of oak or walnut in Tel Aviv, Israel; $375, arielzuckerman domaine-etsy-banners-03
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-18-02 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-18-01 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-18-03
OMBRE DIP-DYED TEA TOWELS: 100% cotton and hand-sewn and dyed in Squamish, BC, Canada; $30, 2jacs domaine-etsy-banners-04
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-14-01 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-14-03 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-14-02
OBSIDIAN BOWL: hand-blown in New York and comprising two thin layers of black glass that border a thick, clear glass core; $950, CorporanGlass domaine-etsy-banners-05
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-07-01 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-07-02 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-07-02
MINI RESIN ELEPHANT: hand-painted in custom colors in Orem, Utah; $30, WhiteFauxTaxidermy domaine-etsy-banners-06
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-06-01 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-06-03 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-06-02
GOLD URCHIN CHANDELIER: customizable and made-to-order in Minneapolis, Minnessota; $479, Stimulight domaine-etsy-banners-07
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-15-01 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-15-02 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-15-03
MAGNOLIA & ROSEWOOD CANDLE: made from natural soy wax and packaged in a silkscreened glass in Arlington, Virginia; $28, sydneyhaleco domaine-etsy-banners-08
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-03-01 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-03-02 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-03-03
COTTON HAND-WOVEN THROW: hand-loomed and hand-dyed in Malinalco, Mexico; $315, mexchic domaine-etsy-banners-09
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-16-02 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-16-03 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-16-01
BRASS HIMMELI HANGING PLANTER: hand-crafted with brass and cord in Grand Rapids, Michigan; $25, HRUSKAA domaine-etsy-banners-10
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-09-01 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-09-02 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-09-03
TIE-DYE PILLOW COVER: hand-dyed using a traditional Japanese Shibori method in Squamish, BC, Canada; $35, 2jacs domaine-etsy-banners-11
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-10-01 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-10-02 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-10-03
MONOGRAMMED VALET TRAY: made from full grain leather in Missoula, Montana, and available with complementary engraved initials; $50,  CicadaLeatherCompany domaine-etsy-banners-12
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-04-01 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-04-02 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-04-03
CERAMIC BOTTLE VASES: stoneware bottles available in customizable glazes and wheel-thrown in the Bay Area, CA;$180, sarahpaloma domaine-etsy-banners-13
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-11-01 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-11-03 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-11-02
SKIN & BONES LOUNGE CHAIR: constructed from a cold rolled steel frame and a tanned and oiled leather in Phoenix, Arizona; $1800, mile112 domaine-etsy-banners-14
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ILLUSTRATED LINED PORCELAIN VESSEL: hand-stained and high-fired with food-safe glaze in Torquay, Australia; $60, ichimu domaine-etsy-banners-15
domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-17-01 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-17-03 domaine-etsy-market-thumbnails-17-02
GEOMETRIC AREA RUG: printed cotton canvas 28"x 48" rug finished with canvas edging in Toronto, Canada; $79, NotARug