Stop Everything! Zac Posen Is Releasing a Cookbook

He might be best known as a leading fashion designer, creative director of Brooks Brothers, and judge on Project Runway, but Zac Posen is about to add one more title to his long list of accomplishments—cookbook author. This week, Posen announced he is currently working on his first book, Cooking with Zac, which will be released in fall 2017. 

“Basically, that’s how I de-fashion,” he told, explaining that he often turns to the kitchen to de-stress. While it might seem like an unlikely move, Posen's decision to make a cookbook doesn't come as a surprise to his close friends or one million Instagram followers who have marvelled over his culinary creations in post after post. In fact, Posen says it was the comments he received on social media that spurred him to consider the new career route. “If it had not been for the response from the followers on social media, I never would have taken the plunge and put a cookbook together,” he says. 

So, what can we expect from a cookbook by one of America's most stylish men? Posen describes his style as "rustic to refined," and says the book will include a long list of tried-and-tested recipes accrued over a lifetime in the kitchen. "My dad is from St. Louis, so we go from barbecue in the book to great ways to prepare quick and healthy energy meals, like different ways to do lentils mixed with fresh tarragon, chervil, and lemon zest," says Posen. His Instagram feed also reveals personal favorites under the hashtag #CookingWithZac, like homemade strawberry rhubarb pie and vegetable ratatouille with Japanese rice. If the designer approaches the kitchen with the same creativity he does fashion, this is one cookbook we can't wait to try. 

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