This Company Is Shutting Down on Leap Day

Shoe lovers, listen up! Tomorrow Zappos, the beloved online retailer owned by Amazon, will be closed for the day. The occasion? Leap day. Not only will the site shut down on Monday, but it has also started a petition calling for February 29 to be declared a national paid holiday, Fortune is reporting. The petition was posted two weeks ago, but it already has 19,000 signatures. “Leap day occurs every four years on February 29, and it should be a national holiday!” The petition says. “Just think of what you would do with your one extra day off every four years. Conquering your fears? Finally starting the project of your dreams? Join us in making leap day a holiday, and #TaketheLeap!” Although I will be working on Monday, I’m going to sign the petition (and celebrate the 366th day in one way or another). Americans are incredibly overworked already—one extra day off every four years isn’t going to hurt anyone.

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Do you think that leap day should be turned into a national holiday?