This One Zara Home Purchase Will Instantly Upgrade Your Space

Rustic Living Room Décor
Zara Home

If there's one item that's functional, stylish, and effortlessly fits into any space, it's a decorative basket. Whether woven, wire, or rubber, the seemingly rudimentary item has the ability to instantly upgrade a room. It can be used as storage, as a stylish waste bin, or simply as decoration. Either way, it will add a welcome element of design to virtually any space, including the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and entryway.

One glance through Zara Home's basket offerings and it's clear that there's a style for everyone. The décor brand features traditional woven designs, contemporary wire options, rustic rattan pieces, and chic rubber baskets that you'll swear are made of leather. Add any of these elegant accent items to your home for an instant refresh, just in time to hold all your cozy blankets for the winter. Shop 17 unique styles below.

For the Entryway

Baskets for the Entryway
Zara Large Rattan Basket $100

Rattan certainly isn't going out of style anytime soon. Place a sturdy basket like this one in your entryway to make a statement and offer a place to store umbrellas or throw blankets.

Zara Rectangular Basket $50

This woven basket would fit right into any California-cool décor. Place it under or next to an entryway console table to get the look.

Zara Oval Wastebasket $70

Whether you use it for storage or waste, this deep green basket is perfect for the entryway. We love the unexpected rich tone of the dark color.

For the Living Room

Baskets for the Living Room
Elizabeth Roberts
Zara Rubber Magazine Rack With Handles $70

Store your magazines or coffee table books in this black rubber container with handles. It's a seriously chic way to remove clutter from any space.

Zara Woven Basket With Lid $100

For something a bit more rustic, got for a woven basket like this detailed piece with a lid. Use it for storing everything from throw blankets to children's toys.

Zara Woven Metal Basket $119

This contemporary woven metal basket is large enough to hold throw blankets and pillows when they're not in use. The simple design allows your pieces to stay on display, even when they're neatly put away in their place.

Zara Woven Wool Basket $119

If you're looking for something a bit more unique, go for a woven wool basket like this intricately designed one. We love the varying textures and patterns that will stand out against neutral décor or fit into an eclectic space.

For the Kitchen

Baskets for the Kitchen
Zara Paper Basket With Handles $50

This crisp white basket with handles is suitable for any kitchen in need of some extra décor. Use it to store towels or simply for decoration.

Zara Convex Basket With Handles $50

This shapely, tan woven basket is neutral enough to blend into the décor of most spaces. While it could be used for storage, it can also double as a chic planter if you're looking to bring some plant life into your kitchen.

Zara Felt Wastebasket With Handles $36

If your kitchen requires you to leave your trash can on display, consider this chic black basket. It's perfect for a minimalist space in need of a functional yet stylish piece.

For the Bedroom

Baskets for the Bedroom
Zara Laundry Basket With White Trim $100

Hold your laundry in a lidded basket instead of hiding it away in your closet. Pair a large one with a smaller one for extra décor points.

Zara Decorative Short Basket $70

This pastel, fury basket if perfect for an eclectic space. While the texture is unexpected, the muted colors make it appropriate even for more traditional spaces.

Zara Rattan Laundry Basket $139

Another way to hide your laundry, this rattan basket is strong, sturdy, and full of style. The deep brown would look stunning in the bedroom.

Zara Geometric Metal Basket $40

This metal basket is perfect for storing throw pillows and blankets. Keep it at your bedside to use as a catchall when you turn down your bed for the night.

For the Bathroom

Baskets for the Bathroom
Alyssa Rosenheck
Zara Rubber Wastepaper Bin $50

You'd be hard-pressed to find a chicer wastepaper bin than this rubber piece. It almost appears to be made of a rich leather material, and the asymmetrical design is delightfully contemporary.

Zara Natural Fiber Basket With Square Pattern $100

Perfect for holding spare towels, this natural fiber basket makes for a design-forward addition to any bathroom. Pop it in the master or guest room for a quick upgrade.

Zara Rubber Basket With Handles $100

Another trendy rubber basket, this number is fitting for a stylish bathroom. It truly is function meeting form and we'd happily include it in our home décor.

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