16 Things I Always Buy for Work From Zara

Photo: @brooketestoni

When you work in a particularly sartorially inclined office, it's easy to lure yourself into spending thousands of dollars on expensive shoes, cashmere sweaters, and designer bags that may or may not get you noticed by the upper echelons of the corporate ladder. But as we’ve learned from our trusted colleagues at Who What Wear, with a good eye and a little flair, you can make anything look polished, professional, and—most importantly—stylish… and you don't have to spend a ton.

Case in point: Many fashion editors in our office swear by Zara for its work outfits—which begged the question… Why shouldn't we? After perusing the Monday-to-Friday section of the major fashion retailer, we came to the conclusion that yes, it's possible to look ultra chic at work and be kind to our wallets. Here are all the Zara items we swear by for a next-level summer work wardrobe—you'll even want to wear these on weekends.