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13 Downright Blissful, Zen Bedrooms We Want to Retreat to Now

Whether you prefer a messy bed or a gender-neutral palette, there's one look that encourages a tranquil tone every time, and that's the zen bedroom design. This minimalistic, clutter-free, and placid vibe is the kind of sanctuary we could probably all use more of in our fast-paced, increasingly digitally-driven society.

When we just need a little respite from the world, our bedroom can serve as the perfect escape. With the help of some design tips (including a few gleaned from feng shui design principles), we can all learn to rely on this cozy, personal, and incredibly special space when we need to seek solace from the chaos, or reflect and unwind in the peace and quiet.

To get your inspiration meter ticking, we found 13 zen bedrooms conducive to calm. Scroll down to learn how to breathe and rest easier in the bedroom with these design tips.

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Keep It Tonal

Centered bed with chandelier and burgundy throw draped at corner of bed
Alyssa Rosenheck for Oxford Exchange Design

The secret to keeping the peace in any boudoir is sticking to a minimal color palette. Neutral tones ensure a calm and serene sentiment so you can breathe easily without distraction.

For a pop of color, add a bright throw on the end of your bed, hang some abstract art, or fix a metallic pendant above.

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Let the Light in

Natural light streams through a minimally decorated bedroom
Bauer Media

To ramp up the tranquility, zen bedrooms are designed to let in as much natural light as possible. If you don't have floor-to-ceiling windows like this lovely space, then add some rattan pendant lighting to keep it well-lit. You'll feel the mood change—we promise.

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Clear Any Distractions

Simple platform bed in spacious bedroom with wood flooring and fireplace
Douglas Friedman /Trunk Archive

All zen bedrooms have one thing in common: Clutter is kept to a minimum. This is often easier said than done, but having a distraction-free zone is the key to evoking calm in the bedroom. There's no disturbance or confusion, nothing to bring your attention away from simply being present in that very moment.

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Layer It Up

Blue and gray layered hues in zen bedroom
Bauer Media

If you're a maximalist at heart and the idea of less stresses you out, then add some layers to the mix. This zen bedroom evokes the bliss factor without overdoing it. The key here is pairing different fabrics together, from linen, to wool, and faux-fur rugs. With these mixed textures, the feel is cozy and warm.

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Make It Minimal

Minimalist bedroom with white and neutral tones, and framed gallery wall
Alyssa Rosenheck for Laurel Powell

If you really want to take zen bedroom style seriously, then clear the room of everything and only introduce the bare minimum. Just include the main ingredients; a bed, a light, and a nightstand. This one also has some very neutral artwork and a skinny tufted bench to add a little flair, but that's it.

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Go Monochrome

Monochrome bedroom features black and white color palette
Bauer Media Group

When done well, a monochromatic palette can be chic yet warm and snug—and zen. With white as its base, this boudoir applies touches of gray and charcoal for a minimal mix that will stand the test of time.

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Space It Out

Zen bedroom features spaced out furniture and natural light
Douglas Friedman /Trunk Archive

This room is a visual representation of the feeling you get in a zen space. To mimic this at home, create white space between different pieces when possible so the room can breathe, and you can literally go with the flow.

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Minimize Negative Symbolism

Zen bedroom with clean lines and neutral toned color palette


To enhance the peaceful vibes of a zen bedroom, evaluate whether there are symbols in your room that seem at-odds with your ideal environment. For example, if you're after more headspace, check to see whether your surfaces are cluttered. Are you interested in nurturing a partnership? Look around your room and assess whether "you're loading up your home with single imagery—a single vase, a single chair, a single person in a picture," Laura Benko, feng shui expert, previously told MyDomaine.

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Seek Hidden Storage

Light filled zen bedroom with made bed and a single chair


A calming bedroom should boast clean lines, and choosing décor that's sleek and can double as storage space will keep items out of sight.

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Surround With Nature

Zen bedroom features bed on wooden frame with potted plants next to bed. A laptop and notebook lie open on one side of the bed.


In the 21st century, says feng shui expert Marianne Gordon of Feng Shui with Me, our homes are predominantly filled with the metal element. To equalize the space, incorporate organic, earthy elements in your bedroom. Whether it's a wooden bed frame (to symbolize support) or a pair of potted plants for each nightstand, "We are wired to feel at ease in the company of nature," Gordon says.

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A Centered Bed

Baby blue toned bedroom with centered bed flanked by a nightstand on each side

Studio Ashby

A centered bed creates equal space for balance, "even if you can only spare an inch of space between between the wall and bed, it's better than nothing," explains feng shui expert Laura Cerrano in a previous MyDomaine interview.

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A Made Bed

Gray hued bedroom with modern chandelier and a made bed, an abstract artwork on wall next to window


According to feng shui experts, making your bed when you rise is like setting your best foot forward for the rest of the day. "Making your bed may seem small and insignificant, yet a greater development within your conscious and subconscious minds is evolving," Cerrano tells MyDomaine, adding, "This simple act becomes your first accomplishment of the day and it only requires two minutes of your time. This also creates a mind-set of being organized, which helps reduce stress and increase motivation."

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Balance All Five Elements

Zen bedroom balances elements of wood, fire, earth, and metal in décor


If harmony is the ultimate goal in a zen bedroom, be mindful to balance the five elements (expressed through furniture and décor) that surround your space: Earth, wood, fire, water, and metal. Colors, materials, physical and symbolic objects all play a role in exciting or softening the energy of a space.

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