Dreaming of Sun, Sand, and Surf? These 7 Locales Are Zika-Free

If you’re looking to extend your summer with a mini warm-weather getaway but are concerned by the growing threat of the Zika virus, there’s still a way to enjoy the sun and sand, sans stress. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the mosquito-borne virus has been slowly spreading throughout the Western Hemisphere (and some parts of Southeast Asia, including Singapore), making it difficult for travel, not just for pregnant women, but anyone of child-bearing age.

Dr. Laura E. Riley, a specialist in high-risk pregnancies at Massachusetts General Hospital, told The New York Times that even women who aren’t planning to start a family should avoid affected countries, as half of pregnancies are unintended. “Why would you ever sign yourself up for that? There’s enough in life to worry about. I wouldn’t add that to my list,” she says.

Zika virus has crippled beloved tropical destinations in the Caribbean, Central America, and even Florida, where it was recently found in certain parts of extremely popular Miami Beach, making it harder than ever to plan a short-haul warm-weather trip. If you’re looking for sand and sun but aren’t prepared to take the risk, add one of these seven Zika-free destinations to your itinerary.